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Kelsey Janda

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Kelsey Janda comes from a graphic design background so far as her education is concerned. But as the Design Director at the Nebraska-based sports technology firm Hudl, the phrase "design" becomes an umbrella for a number of important areas.

While managing teams of designers for the company, Janda identifies primarily as a problem solver when it comes to her professional qualities. Design, she says, essentially is solving problems for a client or larger organization. She gathers the voices, ideas, and knowledge of client services necessary to marry the company's goals with branding and functionality that's appealing for the coaches and athletes who use Hudl's services.

Janda has held five different jobs in four years at Hudl, moving up the chain each time, but get started early, she says. If there's a club at your high school that need a t-shirt design, jump on it.

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